Spread over 2000 sq. ft of retail and 3000 sq. ft. of exhibition space (and endless mindspace), Either Or is an experience of a kind. Inspired by its philosophy, the decor of this lifestyle store is as imaginative as its products. Everyday objects from the Indian experience are lent a contemporary context in the Either Or space.

The store is divided into three sections, each area reflecting different moods, materials and aspects. As one enters, the ground floor is enveloped in a display of colourful eco-friendly products. In the centre lies a huge pencil made of repurposed wooden crates, along with a pipeline complete with taps, and a suspended chair and teapot that make you wonder if you’ve stepped into a surrealistic painting.

While the lower section exudes a sense of warmth, the section at the back celebrates the art of kitsch. One finds a regular roadside cart (thela), a brightly coloured parade of the latest wares or a celebration of the festival of the season. A huge lamp with posters of old Hindi films spreads incandescent light over the merchandise. The mirrors reflect creativity, framed in cement embedded with measuring tape, buttons and beads, and another framed in a mesh filled with marbles, capturing the very essence of the store.

Finally the mezzanine in its devanagiri cut-out metal grille exudes a sense of sophistication. Wooden flooring, a fireplace and a huge cane armchair with glass shelving all lend the space a mature sensibility and warm homeliness.
These and many more little details of the store inspire our purpose. Setting a stage to enhance the performance of characters, building a home out of a house, passion is at work at Either Or. The stories unwind, the products play their part and every buyer takes home a little bit of the story that is Either Or.